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Innovative WASH services Delivery in Low Income Communities

Innovative WASH services Delivery in Low Income Communities (Tripartite Partnership Project)
Client: AFDB-African Water Facilities | Target Area: Huni Valley (in the Western Region) | Year: 2010-2013    
Brief Discription:

  • Baseline and Feasibliity Studies
  • Detailed Design for construction of piped water supply system including rehabilitation of existing piped scheme. Involved
  • Rehabilitation of Existing systems (pipes, pumps and Reservoir)
  • Design of expanded facilities including drilling of 4 boreholes, transmission mains and distribution system inclusion 30 standpipes
  • Reconstitution of WSMT, training and ongoing support
  • Construction of 6 new public latrine facilities
  • Household sanitation improvement
  • Ongoing hygiene and behavior change

Our Key Activities

•    Training curricula development and delivery
•    Research and demonstration of innovation technologies
•    Knowledge management
•    Organizational development
•    Networking and advocacy
•    Project management support
•    Organisational Development in support of decentralisation


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