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WATSANs and WSDB in Operation and Maintenance

WATSANs and WSDB in Operation and Maintenance of the Asutsuare Area Rural Piped Water Scheme supported by DANIDA
Client: CWSA-GAR| Target Area:Asutsure | Year: 2004- 2006     
Brief Discription:

  • Re-organization of WATSAN committees in the beneficiary communities
  • Reconstitution of WSDB
  • Identification and training of caretakers and vendors
  • Facilitating the preparation of WSDB constitution and its endorsement
  • Materials Development for IEC
  • Hygiene Education and Behavioural Change
  • Review of mode of community contribution and deposits
  • Conduct of TNA and preparation of training curriculum for WATSANs and WSDB
  • Training of WATSANs and WSDB in identified areas during TNA
  • Facilitate the preparation and signing of FMP

Our Key Activities

•    Training curricula development and delivery
•    Research and demonstration of innovation technologies
•    Knowledge management
•    Organizational development
•    Networking and advocacy
•    Project management support
•    Organisational Development in support of decentralisation


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