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The Training, Research and Networking for Development (TREND)

The Training, Research and Networking for Development (TREND) Group was established in April 1989 as a component of a UNDP-sponsored, World Bank executed project called the "Low-cost Human Waste Management Project in Kumasi." TREND was conceived within the framework of the International Training Network for Water and Wastes Management (ITN. The success of TNC as a project within the university and the effort to seek a more favourable and sustainable institutional environment following the expiry of donor support led to the establishment of TREND as an NGO outside the University in May 1995). TREND activities have mostly focused on Ghana and the organization operates as a financially self – supporting group with income derived from its consultancy activities but remains committed to pursuing resource centre functions including research and knowledge management.

Our Key Activities

•    Training curricula development and delivery
•    Research and demonstration of innovation technologies
•    Knowledge management
•    Organizational development
•    Networking and advocacy
•    Project management support
•    Organisational Development in support of decentralisation


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