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TREND Group has distinct capability that places the organization high to pre-qualify for this assignment. The in-house resources that facilitate our activities and eligibility for the assignment include the following:

Experience in Project Regions and Flexibility To Adapt To Field Situations
TREND Group has worked for a wide range of donor-sponsored projects in all 10 regions of Ghana (including Central region). The Group is well acquainted with operations of sector agencies and other stakeholders. The Group is also well aware of the cultural and ecological differences that influence project planning and implementation in Ghana. TREND Group has unique capacity and expertise that places the organization high to qualify for this contract.
Linkage with International networks:

The Group has excellent relationship and previous collaboration with key global resource centers like IRC, WEDC, Pseau, Water and Sanitation Collaborative Council and the World Banks Water and Sanitation Programme. The Group is an active member of the Coalition of NGOs in the Water and Sanitation Sector in Ghana.

Innovative/ Signature Tools:

Some of the key deliverables in this regards have included the following:

o Currently developing a National Rural WASH Programme in Liberia
o Involved in the Africa Development Bank sponsored SALWACO development of guidelines, systems, training modules etc. to support institutional re -engineering of Sierra Leone Water Company – involved capacity development plan, IRP, Marketing plan etc.
o Leaders in Knowledge management and copartner in establishment of the Resource Centre
o Network - This has grown to become the key organization facilitating sector learning and sharing in the WASH Sector.
o Guidelines and training modules for training of artisans
o Standard design for Sanitation markets in Ghana’s sanitation sector
o Leaders in development and capacity building for CLTS and PHAST
o UNICEF guidelines for school SHEP interventions
o National Strategy for Promotion of Sanitation of Poor Urban Areas
o Toolkit for planning and implementation of District led pro-poor WASH interventions
o WASHTEC Project – standardized format for assessing the acceptability and potential uptake of new technology in the Water Sector

Our Key Activities

•    Training curricula development and delivery
•    Research and demonstration of innovation technologies
•    Knowledge management
•    Organizational development
•    Networking and advocacy
•    Project management support
•    Organisational Development in support of decentralisation


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